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  Reference No.: VN-1664309
Sale Price: 400000.00

Hoang Dao Nails Salon
2324 Highway
Anaheim, CA 92345

Posted Date: 09/30/2007
Phone: 2342345353

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What’s the best way to care for my cuticles?
The number one reason for hangnails is that your cuticles are too dry. When you see ragged cuticles or hangnails, it’s your body’s way of telling you to apply hand cream or lotion. No one moisturizes their cuticles enough. Keep several moisturizers with pumps around the house, and whenever you come across one, use it.

It's best not to cut your cuticles. The cuticle is to keep bacteria from entering your body, so it’s best to keep it where it is. But you must groom them. You need is a good cuticle remover to soften the cuticle and an orange stick. After you apply it the cuticle remover, gently push back cuticles with the orange stick. Then move the orange stick in tiny circles around the base of the nail to help remove the dead skin and debris that may be there. Do this at least three times per nail. When the debris is lifted, wipe it with a cotton ball. Then moisturize.

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